iPhone Service Centers, Repair in Calicut

CBMT(Cellphonix Basic Mobilephone Technology)

Cellphonix Institute conducts advanced mobile repairing course in Calicut for students as well as professionals who wish to make a career in mobile handset servicing.

Our course covers both mobile hardware and software repairs. The training starts from basic knowledge of electronics and goes up to advanced troubleshooting of problems. After completing our mobile repairing course, the student will easily be able to repair both GSM and CDMA smartphones including iPhone and Chinese phones.

DURATION: 3 Months (3 Hours/Day) 3 Batches

First Month

  • * Basic Electronics Class (Theory & Practical)t

Second Month

  • * Mobilephone Basic to Advanced Theory Class (Androidto iPhone).
  • * All Protocols Deep Class.
  • * Motherboard Tracing Methods.
  • * Schematics Tool Training (Borneo & dzkj).
  • * Analog Multimeter & Digital Multimeter using methods.
  • * All Components Identification Class.
  • * Fault finding steps Basic to Advanced.
  • * Basic Networking Class.

Third Month

  • * All Hardware Training Class, Basic to Advanced.
  • *All Components Removing & Fixing.
  • *BGA White Black Gum Removing Practice.
  • All Soldering Practice.
  • *BGA Reball Practice.
  • *CPU,RAM,Flash Reballing & Double Decker IC Removing & Fixing.
  • *Copper Jumbering & Micro Jumbering Practice.
  • *All Dead Handset Servicing Practices.
  • *Schematics Deep Class.
  • *BGA,LGA,LEED LESS IC Removing & Fixing Practice.
  • *Screen Replacement Practice Class.
  • *Software Service Class.